Unzip Your Game Houston TX


Ricky Ashton loves his job! There is not a day that goes by when he wishes he were doing something else. 
“My clients are my family – – I connect with them on a personal level because their success is my success.” 
He is passionate about working with his clients, who range in age from 8-75, in order to help them improve their overall health and well-being through motivation, goal setting, nutrition and individualized workouts. Striving to continuously develop his craft and specialize each client’s workout to fit their needs and abilities, Ashton, a certified personal trainer, makes sure he is familiar with the newest techniques and equipment. 
“I pride myself on living by example – there isn’t any exercise or piece of gym equipment that isn’t first tried by me.” 
Creating an atmosphere in which clients can rely on him to assist them in developing goals, reaching them, and setting new goals gives Ricky Ashton much happiness. 
“My time with my clients is enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing them at their session – – I want them to be the best that they can be!” 
Ashton’s journey into physical fitness and basketball training evolved from his personal experiences as a college athlete. Ashton received a scholarship based on his athletic ability but quickly realized he needed to understand the basic skills needed to compete at a higher level. Passing those basic skills onto others would become his mission. 
Ricky Ashton founded Unzip Your Game in 1997, specializing in full service physical fitness and basketball training as well as summer youth basketball camps. The Unzip Your Game training facility is based at The Next Level Fitness, a gym of which Ashton is a co-owner, located at 3811 Law Street Suite B, Houston, Texas 77005.