Unzip Your Game Houston TX


"I have a Ricky!" — what I call my workouts with Ricky Ashton at Next Level Fitness. 
In the late summer of 2008, at the recommendation of my friend to join her in her workouts, I began training with Ricky. I was in my mid-forties, living with breast cancer and recently had back surgery for a herniated disc -- it was time for me to get focused on a disciplined fitness regimen and get back to and maintain good physical health. 
Ricky was the perfect fit -- I needed a trainer who understood and would work with my physical issues, help to get me stronger and keep me accountable to my goals! More than seven years later I feel great, have a strong, healthy body and 2 mornings a week ‘I have a Ricky’!

Susan Rafte

What started as occasional basketball training in 2004 transformed into more than a 10 year relationship with Ricky as my trainer through different phases of my life. We've done everything from beginner shooting drills to intense weight training to cardio exercise and beyond. I started my training with Ricky as a high school athlete and he has stuck with me through college, providing at home workouts, to wedding preparation boot camps and getting me back in shape after my first pregnancy. He has configured hundreds of his workout programs to suit every phase over the years to keep my body fit and healthy with nutritional advice along the way. He doesn't understand the word "no" and will push you further than you think you can go with innovative and targeted workouts until you see the results you want to see. Without his intensity, motivation and dedication to fitness I wouldn't have the confidence and appreciation of my body that I do today. Ricky's combination of being an exceptional trainer, dedicated professional and passionate fitness guru are what make him elite!

Catherine Riewoldt

Ricky has seen me through thick and thin and sickness and in health - literally!
First, the thick and thin: most of us can relate to the idea of seeking out a personal trainer to help you get yourself back into shape or to drop a few (or, a lot!) pounds. Been there. Done that. Ricky has definitely played a part in this aspect of my life - more than once. He strives to keep me accountable; and, we all need someone like that in our lives. I guess you could say that I am a life-long project for him in this regard; and, I am okay with that!
Now, the sickness and health part: I was training each week with Ricky when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. I knew that my battle would be mental and physical. Ricky was instrumental in keeping me strong in both regards. Some days, the ONLY thing that I did was drag myself to the gym for cardio or a session with him; but, that time that I took for myself - being “normal” - was an important part of getting through surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. I know that for a fact.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many roles that you play in my life - from trainer to therapist and most importantly, friend!

Ann Watkins

Ricky's motto "Unzip Your Game" accurately describes how Ricky has helped train me over the years. I have trained with Ricky for 10 years. First my son trained with Ricky by teaching excellent technical basketball skills and subsequently evolved into body conditioning. Then I began my first venture into body conditioning/training with Ricky and have been delighted ever since. Ricky has challenged me to improve my progress in strength conditioning/self confidence in a personal plan perfect for my situation. And I also see this same personal interaction with his other clients.
The gym equipment and interior has been very recently updated to better serve clients of all abilities.
I highly recommend Ricky for all ages at all stages of condition, including his training to improve technical basketball skills.

Gary Robinson

I started training with Ricky ten years ago after I completed my treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. Ricky was faced with a challenge as my surgery had compromised my ability to do certain exercises. Over the years Ricky patiently worked with me to build up my strength and my confidence. Ricky was always careful and thoughtful of the exercises he chose for me, all the while motivating and encourgaging me. Thanks to his approach I am so much more now, and my strength continues to improve. I'm thankful for his guidance, support, and most of all his friendship.

Denise Hazen