Unzip Your Game Houston TX

personal fitness training

Ricky Ashton and Unzip Your Game offer a comprehensive total body workout that includes the use of body weight exercises, exercise machines, free weights and cardio blasts. 
Personal fitness training for a healthy and fit lifestyle is the goal. We research and utilize current equipment and fitness trends to create a workout regimen for each client that is never the same. 
Ricky offers one-on-one 30 minute or 1 hour personalized fitness training sessions that are designed especially for your skill, gender and age. Plus, small group training sessions that are customized to meet each individual’s needs are also available.


youth personal fitness training

As children begin to develop, it’s important for them to move. Unzip Your Game has a whole body fitness routine that incorporates both cardiovascular and whole body strength work which encourages children to train their sense of balance, coordination and agility. These age appropriate workouts also teach the importance of stretching and warm up before exercise.


sports performance training

All athletes train hard, but only the best train at an elite level. Unzip Your Game creates comprehensive year-round training programs for male and female athletes of all ages and levels. 
After assessing each athlete’s needs, Unzip Your Game will focus on speed, agility and conditioning. Strength development training improves flexibility, core strength, quickness and agility. Sports specific conditioning is designed to maximize athletic potential. 
Unzip Your Game has a proven track record of training professional and collegiate level athletes in basketball, football, baseball, soccer and lacrosse.


rehabilitation fitness training

Ricky Ashton and Unzip Your Game understand the importance in offering a full-service rehabilitation program to those clients who are in the process of regaining full function following an injury. 
Rehabilitation fitness training restores strength, flexibility, endurance and power through various exercises and drills in an effort to reach pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness. Time is on our side, and we will customize your training to ensure full recovery in order to prevent re-injuries.




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